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Jaime Wiles

Full Body Scan & Healing

Full Body Scan & Healing

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This 30-minute full body scan and healing session offers a chance to cleanse your energy centres, release blockages, and reawaken your inner radiance.
Choose the day and time you would like it done and I will email you to confirm.
I will also email you after the session to report my findings.

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Here's how it works....

  • Sit or lie down for 30 minutes. Quiet time allows me to tune into your unique energy and tailor the healing to your specific needs. But if this isn't possible or if you have booked this for someone else, it's not a problem at all.
  • Experience the release of stagnant energy. Think of it as a gentle breeze clearing away cobwebs. You may feel sensations or emotions, but don't worry, it's just your energy releasing what no longer serves you.
  • Embrace a renewed you. After the session, you might feel lighter, more energized, emotionally clearer, or simply more at peace. The beauty of Reiki is that it works uniquely for each person.