About Me

Hi everyone, I'm Jaime! I'm a Reiki Master, certified life coach, and a passionate advocate for helping others find balance and joy. My life is a vibrant mix of family (including two grown kids, a loving fiancée, and a lively animal crew!), and a dedication to supporting others on their personal growth journeys.

Since 2010, I've had the privilege of guiding people through Reiki and, more recently, life coaching. Seeing my clients unlock their potential is the most fulfilling experience. I'm fully insured and a proud member of the CMA (https://The-CMA.org.uk), reflecting my commitment to ethical, holistic, and high-quality practices.

While I take my work seriously, I'm also a firm believer in laughter and finding joy in the everyday. When I'm not working, you'll often find me in my comfy PJs, snacking and drinking coffee – one of the many perks of working from home! If you're curious about Reiki, life coaching, or simply want a friendly chat, I'd love to connect!
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I am not a therapist, counsellor or doctor.
I cannot diagnose or treat any mental or physical illness and I hold no responsibility for any actions or decisions somebody makes as a direct result of speaking to me. My aim as a coach is to help the client help them self. 
I try to help the client to look to the future in a positive, optimistic way. 
I offer support and motivation or reiki healing.

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