When Life Overwhelms: A Messy Reality and a Simple Solution

When Life Overwhelms: A Messy Reality and a Simple Solution

We've all been there, haven't we? Life throws a whole pile of responsibilities on us – work, family, all the bits and bobs that go along with being an adult. It can all feel a bit much at times. Sadly, it often means the housework suffers. And the longer you go on just doing the bare minimum, the worse things get, the more overwhelming it all becomes.

Before you know it, the dishwasher needs emptying, but there's no motivation left. All those dirty dishes are piled high, waiting to be cleaned. The washing machine's playing its little finishing tune, but the tumble dryer's packed full. The thought of folding everything, especially when there's nowhere to put it all, is enough to make you want to burst into tears! The bin's bulging, you're starving, but even making a sandwich feels like a Herculean task because you'll need to clear a space first.

Sound familiar? I've certainly been in those shoes where everything overwhelms me.

But guess what? I've got a solution for you! Now, it still means you've got to do the work, but we'll manage it in chunks.

Here's the plan: Grab your phone and set a timer for 15 minutes (kitchen timer, Google, Alexa, whatever floats your boat).

Hit start, and tackle the mess like there's no tomorrow for the whole 15 minutes! Don't stop, just go!

When the timer beeps, you're done! Just 15 minutes, that's all.

For a kitchen blitz, I'd recommend tackling the bin and the dishwasher. Seeing those sorted instantly makes the room feel more liveable. Anything else you manage is a proper bonus. The key is to work like a whirlwind for those 15 minutes. Honestly, you'll be amazed at how much you accomplish.

After the timer stops, treat yourself to a cuppa, bit of telly, or whatever relaxes you. You've earned it!

If possible, try these 15-minute bursts a few times a day in different problem spots around the house. But if all you can manage is one for now, that's a brilliant start!

Once you settle into this routine, and things don't feel so overwhelming, add some 15-minute blocks for self-care too - reading, meditating, a bit of exercise, whatever helps.

Remember, small steps are infinitely better than no steps at all. And if you ever need someone to chat with, need a kick up the bum for some motivation – you know where to find me. Life overwhelms all of us sometimes but you are not alone!

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Thank you Alexandra.
I think many of us struggle with things that we assume everyone else just gets on with and finds easy. Admitting that we struggle and reaching out to others who then feel safe to admit that they also struggle is important <3


Amazing. I’ve just washed up. Sometimes I just need a prompt, reminder, alarm, post it note etc.
Thank you Alexandra


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