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There Aren't Enough Hours in the Day?

Ever heard the saying, "There aren't enough hours in the day!"? Of course, you have. We all have – probably even said it ourselves in a moment of fluster. But here's the thing, it's absolute rubbish, isn't it?

There are precisely 24 hours in every single day. The King gets 24, the bloke down the chippy gets 24, and I get 24.  Yet, some people manage to pack those hours with achievements, while others flounder around barely managing to make a sandwich or get dressed.

So, why do we fall for this "not enough hours" nonsense? Well,  it's down to how we use those hours. Makes sense doesn't it?
A bit of scrolling on our mobiles here, some procrastination there, and suddenly the day's half gone, and we've got nothing to show for it.

The Ditherer's Day

Picture this: You wake up without a plan. You check your phone for a bit too long, then finally drag yourself to the kitchen for breakfast. Before you know it, it's midday, and you've barely made a dent in anything important. You flit between tasks, distracted by emails, Facebook, Tiktok and whatnot, and by the time dinner rolls around, you're exhausted but feel you've gotten nowhere.

The Focused Achiever

Now, imagine a different approach. You wake with a sense of purpose, maybe a straightforward list of what needs doing that you prepared the evening before. You tackle the most challenging task while your mind is fresh, taking only short, purposeful breaks. Distractions happen, but you acknowledge them and swiftly return to your priorities. By the end of the day, you've made real progress and a sense of accomplishment washes over you. You can then relax, guilt free!

Time Is What You Make of It

The ones who moan about a lack of time often haven't quite mastered the art of managing theirs. Goals, lists, a bit of discipline – these things transform your day. Those precious 24 hours feel a whole lot more expansive when you use them purposefully.

We all need downtime, of course. But it's the endless scrolling, the binging on a series marathons, and the general lack of direction that truly eat away at the day. Focus, even for short bursts, is where the magic happens.

So, next time you hear someone complain about not having enough hours (or catch yourself about to do the same!), remember this: you've got the same amount of time as anyone else. The difference lies in how you choose to spend it.

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