Selfies, Snaps, and Me: A Photographic Nightmare

Selfies, Snaps, and Me: A Photographic Nightmare


Let's have a bit of photographic self-reflection? Let's have a giggle about the whole ordeal of getting a decent 'selfie', shall we? Because honestly, I'm convinced I was born with some sort of facial photography curse. My attempts always seem to either make me resemble a confused garden gnome or a melting waxwork from a low-budget horror flick.

I do have some photos of myself but they really are far and few between and I can only share or post them if I don't actually look at them too much beforehand. I have a pic of myself on the website and I've even been brave and added one to this blog post but in general, I just don't like my photo's at all!

What's my problem, you ask? Well, aside from the usual "terrible lighting" and "double chin" suspects, I have a bit of an issue called face blindness, scientifically known as 'prosopagnosia'. It doesn't mean I can't see faces, however, it means my brain struggles to recognise and remember them. I could chat to you for hours, and then walk straight past you five minutes later.

Now, you might think, "Well, how's that related to your atrocious selfie game?" And honestly, that's part of my problem! I have a hard time recognising my own face.
I have been known to see a mirror in a busy room and not realise that it's a mirror and just assume that there is a strange woman just staring at me, when in actual fact, it's my own reflection! haha
So when I'm staring at myself on a screen or in a photo, I'm like, "Who is that odd looking person?" 

So, tell me,  how do you feel about the whole selfie phenomenon? Are you a natural, whipping out perfect poses on the first try? Or do you also share my complete lack of photographic talent and dislike of ones own face? Perhaps we could start a support group... lol

Share your most disastrous selfie attempts or photo fails.
After all, in the quest for the perfect snap, we all have a bit of garden gnome in us, don't we?



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