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 I think that all of us sometimes struggle with low energy levels and lack of 'get up and go'.


Living in this fast paced, technology filled world isn't always easy. We are becoming more and more disconnected from nature and life's simple pleasures.

Many of us are working in offices or in jobs with long hours so that we barely get to see daylight.

Rush, rush, rush! Deadlines, time scales, targets and so on.


And even those of us who are fortunate enough to not be working 9-5 can still suffer from depression, feeling pressurised, isolated and lethargic.


Whether we are suffering from mental illness, exhaustion or just general run of the mill low energy levels, there are small things that we can do to help ourselves feel a bit better.


Of course, this is only a list of very basic things I recommend, purely to give you ideas of the sorts of things that you can try. You may very well have your own methods, tips or tricks.

And it goes without saying that most of us would only be able to do one or two of the things a day.

Anyway, here are my tips......

  • Walking. Being outside and getting some fresh air can really lift your mood. Whether it is windy, raining, warm and sunny, light or getting dark-walk. A brisk walk for as little as 5-10 minutes is better than nothing at all.

  • Music. Play some of your favourite tunes or put the radio on. Sing along to the ones you know and just join in with the chorus on the ones you don't know well-just make sure you sing! And don't worry if you are tone deaf, just save the singing for when you are alone! 
    Dancing gives you a feel good factor too. I cannot sing and I really cannot dance, but that doesn't stop me trying (Just ask my kids) lol.

  • Exercise. Yep, I said the E word. Until recently I was not ever into physical activity and would actively avoid traditional exercise. But, since having tried it for myself, I can honestly say that even a few star jumps, a little running on the spot and a couple of sit ups, can really improve your mood.

  • Smile. Smile at people, smile when alone, smile when you look in the mirror. Smile when you do not feel like smiling. It has been proven that smiling tricks the brain into thinking that you are feeling happy, resulting in happy chemicals being released into the body. And apart from the fact that you may look like a bit of a loony-you smiling at somebody could really brighten their day! :-)
    I read a story quite a few years ago about a person who tried to end their own life but luckily didn't succeed. They said afterwards, that as they were walking to what they thought was their final destination, they were looking for signs, signs to show them why they should not go through with the suicide. They said that had someone smiled at them that day, as they walked to their chosen suicide spot, they would have taken that as a sign to stay around and not end their life. But nobody smiled so they continued on their journey. So, your smile could even give somebody the sign they need to carry on living! 
    Surely that in itself is a good reason to smile :-)

  • Drink water. Lots of it if you can. If not, try to drink green tea, coconut water, flavoured water etc. Most of us spend our lives slightly dehydrated. Dehydration makes us feel tired, sluggish, unmotivated and also affects our memory.

  • Write 3 happy things per day. Sounds simple but when I have done this myself, there were days early on where I struggled to think of three happy things. Reason being, when we are not feeling at our best, we do not look for the positives in our daily lives. Had it been 3 negative things, most of us would be able to reel off a list a find it hard to stop at 3! But positives take a bit more practice. However, the more times that you do it, the more you will start to look for the positives as you go through your day. The positives will then start to stand out to you and then writing them at the end of each day will become a breeze, meanwhile, simply because you will now be looking for the positives, you will be feeling more positive :-)

  • Close your eyes. Obviously there will be times when this is not advisable, such as when driving, but closing our eyes is actually really good for us. Just a few seconds a few times a day can help. You can even just slow your blinking down if you cannot close them properly. A long, slow blink is enough to let the brain rest a little.

  • Breath! Most of us breath far too shallow. The best way to breath is long, deep and slow. When we breath in we should be able to see and feel our abdomen expand and then as we exhale, our abdomen contracts. Become aware of your breathing pattern and try to spend a few times each day doing diaphragmatic breathing.

  • Treat yourself. This does not have to involve money, which wouldn't help make you feel good if money was an issue. You can treat yourself in many ways. A nice soak in a bubbly bath with candles, give yourself a foot massage-even better if somebody else can do it for you, but if not-do it for yourself. You can also give yourself a manicure, pedicure, facial or anything else you consider to be a treat. 

  • Find your happy place. A really nice tip is to find your happy place inside your mind. Where would that be? A sandy beach? A forest? A museum or art gallery? What would the weather be like in your ideal world? Warm and sunny? Would there be a gentle breeze? Or, would you be inside somewhere all warm and cosy and listening to the rain and wind hammering on the windows? Would you be alone? What would you be able to hear? Music? A flowing river? The waves of the sea? The birds singing?
    What would you be doing? Sleeping? Reading a book? Drawing? Walking? Make your own happy, perfect place where everything is 100% perfect for you. Complete and utter comfort and bliss. Now you have your happy place, you can visit there whenever you wish. Whenever life is getting you down or becoming too hectic, take a few deep breaths and visit your happy place. You can go there as many or as few times as you wish. You can visit for three seconds or for three hours. Just close your eyes and be there.

  • Look up funny or positive quotes. Pick your favourite ones and have them as your mobile phone screen, PC screensaver etc. Print them off and stick them around the house. Read them every day. Smile at them. When they no longer make you feel good, get rid of them and look for more. 

 I could go on and on and on as there are so many little ways to help improve our moods and make us feel more energetic or motivated but I will stop. I hope that there is a tip or two there that you like or want to try at some point. 

They are not a magic cure but certainly cannot do any harm. 

I find they help me. Let me know if they help you too :-)

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