Forget the Stereotypes: I'm a Reiki Practitioner AND a Regular person

Forget the Stereotypes: I'm a Reiki Practitioner AND a Regular person

When people find out I'm a Reiki practitioner, I swear I can see the mental image forming: Long flowing skirts, beaded necklaces, maybe a stray dreadlock or two. You know...the whole barefoot, kale eating, incense-waving vibe.

Let me paint you a more realistic picture: I'm a middle-aged mum of two, living in a house that sometimes resembles a zoo! Two grown-up kids, four dogs, two cats, and a fiancée make for a pretty chaotic scene. Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of incense now and then, and I'm all for some smudging... but my daily life is far from a tranquil meditation retreat.

You'll probably find me in leggings and an oversized hoodie, a holey T-shirt or even more likely- PJ's, more often than flowing robes. And let's be honest, if I'm offered a coffee over some sort of mystical herbal tea or kale smoothie, I'm taking the coffee.

The thing is, Reiki healing isn't about conforming to a stereotype – it's about finding inner balance and channelling positive energy. And that can work whether you're a barefoot earth goddess or a slightly frazzled woman fuelled by coffee and a desire for some peace and quiet.

So, if you're looking for a Reiki practitioner, don't let visions of patchouli and chanting scare you off. I might surprise you (in a good way)! Trust me, I can relate to your stress and your crazy life and disorganised chaos! 

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