Confessions of a Time Management Mess

Confessions of a Time Management Mess


Okay, here's the thing. My whole job is pretty much about helping people feel organised, motivated, happy and on top of things. I'm a reiki healer and a positive mindset coach. I talk about productivity, energy, and good vibes all day long. Yet, here I am, sometimes still in my PJs at 4 pm, wondering where my day vanished.

I swear, I start every morning with the best intentions. To-do list? Check! But somehow by lunchtime, half of it is still staring back at me, I realise I haven't eaten a proper meal, and the house looks like it's been hit by a tornado.

The weirdest part is that I'm not even being lazy! It's not like I'm scrolling TikTok or binge-watching Netflix. I'm actually working, just...not efficiently? I feel like I'm always busy, but the I never get everything I need to get done, done. It's honestly a bit embarrassing, considering I guide my clients to be these super-organised beings of pure happiness and productivity.

Anyone else relate? Do I have an invisible time-sucking goblin in my house, or am I just terrible at managing my own life? If you've got any secrets for getting your act together please share! I'm desperate! Haha

Let me know if I can help YOU with reiki healing or mindset coaching – I might need the advice myself, but hey, I'm still pretty good at giving it! 😉


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Haha! I’m with you totally….. so many things I want to do and just not enough time in a day or enough days in the week. And the older I get the faster the time goes lol xxx

dawn hamilton

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