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Has Spring Sprung? Yes, I Think It Has!!

Has Spring Sprung?
Yes, I think it has.

There's something about spring, isn't there? That shift in the air, the days growing longer, and a bit more sunshine peeking through... it just seems to lift people's spirits. The grumbles of winter fade away, replaced by a sense of lightness and joy.

It's those simple things that make the difference: the bright yellow of the daffodils along the roadside, the blossom on the trees like puffs of pink and white clouds, that glorious smell of freshly cut grass. Nature's waking up, putting on a show, and it's hard not to feel a touch happier witnessing it.

Science backs this up, too! The increased sunlight helps boost serotonin levels in our brains, a natural mood-lifter. Plus, those longer days mean we might be more inclined to get outside and move our bodies, which is another proven way to improve how we feel.

The thing is, you don't need hours upon hours to reap the benefits of spring. Even a short 10-minute walk in the park, a bit of gardening, or simply sitting on a bench and soaking up the sun can make a world of difference to your mindset.

And don't forget about your home! Even on chilly or rainy days, throw open those windows for a short blast of fresh air. It banishes any lingering winter stuffiness and can feel surprisingly revitalising.

So now spring has sprung, make the most of it as it dances around us, let's dance along with it! Embrace those longer days, the blooms and birdsong, the warmth on your skin. Make sure to give yourself a good dose of the outdoors – it's nature's own prescription for a brighter mood. That simple shift in the season is the perfect reminder that brighter days – both outside and inside ourselves – are always just around the corner.

Leave a comment telling me what your favourite and least favourite seasons are and why.
My favourite is definitely spring and my least favourite is summer.

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